Monday, October 18, 2010

This summer a new t.v. show premiered on Sunday evenings that hubby and I really enjoyed~Undercover Boss. For those who haven't seen it, a CEO goes undercover in his company to view firsthand the strengths and weakness of the business and then makes changes accordingly.  This show has continued this season and it is one that we look forward to watching every week.  Last night it was on a business here in Denver, Frontier Airlines; although I haven't yet flown them I absolutely love their attitude, the animals on the tale of the plane and now after watching the show they will be the first ones I check for flights.  The CEO is a christian man and he lives his faith for others to see-o.k. so that is a pretty strong statement but it was so encouraging to see him openly talk about his faith on national t.v.  Being a commercial airline in our area, it was so good to see the commitment of the employees, their dedication, the workings behind a smaller airlines and the philosophy of management. If you haven't seen this show yet and get the opportunity, I think you'll enjoy it.
Have a good Monday my friends.


  1. Just poppin' in to say hi! My internet has been buggy all week and I have been so frustrated! I have missed you and your blog, but right now I have a connection - yay!

    Blessings to you Noreen!

  2. Morning Noreen,
    We watched one episodes last year
    because one of hubbies co-workers told him about it, and found it for him on u-tube. It was where they went to 7-ll stores. It made us cry it was so precious. We really could not
    believe the ceo's heart. He was a very good man!!

    Our Pastor said in his sermon yesterday he had watched an episode that just made him cry. So we were
    wondering if it was the 7-11 one or now I am thinking it is probably the Frontier A/Lines one you saw.

    What a wonderful idea someone had
    to do this series. We need to find
    out when it comes on in our area
    again, so we can watch it.
    There is so lil good stuff to watch we rarely watch anything but when we do we watch movies or the christian stations.

    Also loved loved loved that music
    video you posted on Saturday, it just made my heart sing this morning thank you for posting it.
    It truly was wonderful. I am gonna
    post a link to your blog, for others
    that may have missed it or don't
    visit you yet.

    Have a Marvelous Monday My Dear,
    Love ya girly, Nellie

  3. I haven't watched this show yet, but it sounds interesting.

    Have a great week!

  4. Ray and I watch this show too! We haven't watched the one on Frontier, but it is recorded for us to watch tonight. How are you doing? I have missed chatting!

  5. I haven't seen the show, but I am a big fan of Frontier Airlines. Frontier is always our first choice for a flight.

  6. Hi Noreen:

    I'm so glad you wrote about that! I watched it too, and went bounding up the stairs to where my hubby was to tell him about it. It's so wonderful to see someone sharing his faith in such a clear, easy and honest way! I LOVED that!



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