Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Ones

I am blessed with having 6 grandchildren ages 6 mos-7 yrs, 1 grand baby in heaven with Jesus, and one grand baby due in Oct. As I child I never knew my own grandparents, they were deceased long before I was born and I can remember longing to enjoy them, even as I watched my friends enjoy theirs. I think because this was a void in my life and heart, a seed was planted to pour into any grandchildren I would have. From the oldest to the youngest I love each and every one; they are uniquely different yet we are all bound by familiar traits. I love to laugh with them and play games and especially sing with them. I am blessed to live within a very close proximity to all of them and it is my joy to spend my days delighting in who they are. With being a grandparent though comes an awesome responsibility-to not only shower them with unconditional love and acceptance but also to gently teach and guide them towards the Lord.

There are ways in which I can teach them that is unlike what their parents instill in them. There is a freedom to share in different ways and a willingness to learn on their parts. I am able to give them my best and the wisdom that comes from living a longer life; I am also able to let go of many childish things because I know this too shall pass. I am thankful that I can pray with a passion for each one in a way others can't.

Lord Jesus, I praise You for the little ones You've blessed me with. I ask that You would pour forth Your Spirit upon them this day, this week, this year and lead them into a deeper more abundant life in You. Increase their desire for Your Word and give them a insatiable hunger for more of You. May it be so according to the riches that You have blessed us with. Thank you for every moment spent with them. Amen.

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  1. Mom,
    Now that I can finally leave you a comment - I LOVE getting to read your blog. You are doing a great job and I am very proud of you!


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