Monday, May 11, 2020

Finished Projects

Happy Monday to you. In the midst of easing our restrictions in Colorado, we are still being encouraged to stay in; due to that fact, I've been finishing up projects and hubby and I did some gardening. This cute wall hanging I made for our youngest daughter, because she has a Cruiser Bike like this that even has a basket; as I was making it, I just kept thinking of her. So she ended up with it and while I used to do Needlepoint and embroidery, it was about 38 years ago-so my embroidery was less than stellar. Kim absolutely loved it!
When we lived in northern California we always had Lacy Leaf Japanese Maples-it was our thing.  Hubby's dad instilled a love for them in both of us and we had more than a dozen in the yard at our last home.  While they don't do well here in the cold Colorado winters, hubby made up a small greenhouse for one and it worked.  This year we decided to redo one bed in the back yard and add some more of our favorite trees; this tree won't get much taller and will fill out.  The bed gets sunshine all day long and so we planted perennials around it.  The mini/toy Schnauzer belongs to our daughter and family; they were off running an errand, so we have her and their Standard Poodle for the day.
We had to run out ourselves and happened to see this gorgeous Pelargonium, I couldn't resist.  There was a hanger outside my sewing room window and I thought that this would be a bright spot as I sit and sew.
Another bed filled with Iris' plants and in the fall our mums come up.  I moved the birdbath there and we have some decorative items.  I'm trying to figure out how to keep water in the birdbath from getting very yucky after a day or so. I don't want to add anything that will harm the birds, but I hate it when it gets algae on the bottom. If you have any tricks, please let me know.
From the opposite end of the bed.
I got my quilt back from the Long Arm Quilter on Thursday and it looks wonderful; now I've got to make the binding and get it done. Once it's finished, I will share it here. I've got more projects I need to get to after that.  I am very happy with the look and how little she charged me.
We got to spend time with both daughters families yesterday, such fun!  They are incredible daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and friends.  I am so blessed.
I wish our spring weather would settle in~we've had some nice days, but then we have very windy days and even some rain.
Blessings to you!


  1. Spring has spring! Glory be!! Thanks for sharing your lovely surroundings, have a wonderful week, my friend!

  2. Wonderful to see your garden and also your projects. We are still sheltering in here even though our state has opened up. Cases are still rising so we made the decision to stay home. Thanks for coming by my blog and sharing some of your story with me. We are both blessed to have older siblings who cared for us!

  3. Your embroidered wall hanging is lovely, what a special treasure for your daughter to have :) Glad that you are getting some more lovely spring days, your yard looks lovely. I wish I had some tricks for keeping the water bath clean. I need to know as well! Enjoy your spring days :)

  4. Such a sweet wall did such a lovely job! Love your garden photos. Looks like such a pretty place to enjoy being outside! Have a wonderful weekend!


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