Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy Sunday to you.  It's a warm 94 today and we are inside enjoying the difference in the temp.  Our A/C has not kicked on yet, but the house is so much cooler.  Friday night we had a blast with the grandsons; they all arrived at 5:00 and the Mr. B was making his famous hamburgers.  Little Man was so excited to be at Nana and Papa's for his first sleepover that he didn't even flinch when the rest of his family left.  We had a great dinner, complete with excellent burgers, french fries and watermelon.
After dinner, we headed downstairs because there was a total of 6 movies to choose from.  Kim had told us that Little Man would be tired and probably just fall asleep on the couch.  The boys choose Indiana Jones(with clear play that edits out inappropriate language and scenes); I'm glad that Little Man fell asleep during it because I had forgotten many details-like all the snakes.  We watched it and then the older boys put in Rogue 1.  We had given Kim's oldest this movie for her birthday, so the little guy had seen it before.  Of course he woke up in the middle of it and stayed awake until it was over at 10:15.  There are times when Kim's kiddos are allowed to stay up and watch movies on the weekend, but that is still pretty late for a  5 year old.  The boys dusted off three bags of popcorn(I blame it on being teenagers).  I was impressed because when hubby and I got up, the older boys were awake but the little guy was still sound asleep.  I will tell you that the older boys rock!!!!  WE were so impressed in how they paid attention to everything their cousin had to say and were very thoughtful with him.  In a world where we hear so many negatives, it was so wonderful to see their character.
I was tired yesterday though~when we have kiddos spending the night, I just don't sleep well. Next Friday we will have 7 of 8 granddaughters spending the night.
Today  after I got home from church, I fed some plants  outside and hope to get downstairs to work on my autumn table runner; it was a challenge I threw out to our mini group and I need to get it done before our September meeting. Mind you I'm still quilting at night and have another quilt to work on when I finish my granddaughter's.  I also have several patterns I got in South Dakota that I want to make; add in some Christmas presents too and you know where you can find me.
So I hope you having a fabulous Sunday filled with blessings from above.
Joy to you!


  1. How fun, a first overnight with the grandparents! And for the 7/8 overnighter likely no one will get much sleep lol!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I can't wait until my grandsons are old enough for sleepovers and late night movies.

  3. Oh, Noreen, what fun with your boys! Tiring but fun! Then your girls are coming! Isn't it a blessing spending time with grandkids! This Friday three of our grandchildren that live almost 6 hours north of us will be coming for a week and a half to spend time here. I'm so excited and only hope I can find activities for them day after. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and leaving your comment! Really appreciate your visit :)


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