Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Outdoors Wednesday-Don't Think So

Hello friends, Today feels more like a winter day than a summer one~we are not only experiencing the smokey skies from all the wild fires, but it is pouring outside today. Hunter has never minded the rain in the past, but for some reason would not go out this morning. I even went out and he stood at the upper deck just looking at me like I am stupid. Then I took him downstairs and let him out through the patio doors, which is right next to a covered area so he could use the bathroom, but nope he ran up the stairs into the house. So what's a momma to do, but take the little stubborn pup on a walk. Thankfully, once we got to the open space he went; I just didn't want him having an accident in the house. I got pretty wet, but will dry soon enough. Here he is-still wet.

Last night we had a lovely dinner with our friends and shared all about our trip. When I plugged my phone in last night, it didn't come on and I thought that was weird. This morning I tried to turn it on and it is dead. I've tried other plugs and outlets and nothing. I seem to have issues with phones. So we will call our carrier and see if they can transfer all my data over to my hubby's old phone-they same model I have. I'm hoping that it will be easy and I'll have a phone back today. When you are dependent on your cell phone, it's a bummer when there are issues. I hope you all have a great day and are experiencing sunshine.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Oh, hoomans hate phone troubles! It is raining here today but we don't mind. But mom is threatening a bath!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Bummer on the rain. Our photo today with Lightning on the deck was taken yesterday - it has been raining here since last night - we are really tired of the rain.

    If you have an iPhone, sometimes if you hold the power button and the home button at the same time, it will turn on. Mom had that happen to her once. Here is a link she found.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Oh my, I hope your phone is salvageable and you get all your pics saved!! You have had lots of rain this year, wishing we would get some, even a little would be helpful. May today be a blessed and joy-filled one! Cindy xoxo

  4. Poor little Hunter, didn't want to get wet. I don't blame him but neither do I blame you for wanting him to take care of his business outside. Hope you get a phone up and running soon!

  5. We are SO dependent on our phones, aren't we? Try what the Op Pack suggests...that has worked for me too! The girls do NOT like to go outside when it is raining either...they will do almost anything to avoid going out and having to walk in wet grass. I have to actually pick them up and place them in the grass and they will go. Then I have to pick them up and back in we go! Just a bichon thing...Hugs to you both!

  6. Our lab didn't like the rain and would do the same when it was raining ... we had to resort to taking her for a walk for her to go potty (and with a big dog, we didn't want any accidents in the house!). It was especially comical and frustrating all at the same time because labs are supposed to like the water. ha!

    I hope you get a fix for your phone. We ditched our landline several years ago, so we are very dependent on our cell phones, too. Thankfully I haven't had any trouble with mine ... yet anyway. ha!

  7. As much as we need rain I totally understand about Hunter not wanting to go. It's always a challenge with the dogs. Glad he went! Sorry about your phone, hope it all gets worked out soon.


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