Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love Poured Out

Happy Tuesday to you! Three weeks ago, when I had my surgery my daughter posted here and on FB how it went~well I have to share with you what she told me after she posted. She told me "that I had lots of friends who loved me"-or it was similar to that(remember I was on heavy pain meds). To put it mildly, I have been so blessed by all of you! I won't say this has been easy(what surgery ever is), but with your encouragement, prayers, emails, notes etc. it has been better than I ever thought. Yesterday the doorbell rang and a flower delivery man was there-I was in shock. I had received a floral arrangement from our bff's in Ca., but couldn't figure this one out. It was from my nephew in Ca. It made my day! I've read that emotions can bubble up to the surface during recovery, but truly didn't expect them to impact me; however I know that if I am tired I tend to be more emotional. I love the green spider Mum(I think that is what it is)in the arrangement. This brightened my day!

Then in the afternoon, hubby retrieved the mail and there was a package from a blogging friend in Utah-Michelle and Goose. We have followed Goose as long as we've been blogging and love all the adventures he has with his mom and friends. You can find them here: www.gospelofgoose.blogspot.com

Goose and his mom have made See Beautiful a lifestyle and we are always reminded to look for beauty in daily life.  They have impacted more people than they can possibly know and I am so thankful for them. 
I received a wonderful card from another blogging buddy, Cindy at Consider It All Joy.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, who knew that blogging could be so rich and rewarding?! Too all of you, you have made my life so much sweeter and I hope you receive the love right back poured over you, like it has been to me.


  1. How very, very sweet and it does make you realise that the world can be a wonderful place full of people who have compassion and kindness. We pray you will be fit and ready to rock n roll for Spring. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh those flowers are so pretty! blogging friends are the best.
    stella rose

  3. What wonderful surprises and I am certain they are helping with your recovery! Yes the net can be an awesome place!

  4. What wonderful little surprises, Noreen. You are truly blessed! xo Diana

  5. Aren't bloggers wonderful ? I have received cards and gifts as well and it really picks one up that's for sure ! Lovely gifts and flowers . I am glad you are feeling and getting better ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Life is good and love is healing. See Beautiful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. You bring joy to our lives, Noreen, with your positive blog posts. How could we not love you :) You are Beautiful!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  8. Yes that is a Spider Mum and that arrangement is so spring like! I hope you are improving everyday! :)

  9. You so deserve all that you have been freely given! If I had you address, I would have sent you a card or something! Sorry, but I don't plan ahead too well. My guys were so amazed at the outpouring of love when I had my surgery 2 years ago this month, so I know how your daughter must have felt. They realized what a treasure this blogging is and make sure I keep going, even when I wanted to stop a few times. And when I was too sick, they posted for me. It touches lives. You touch lives every day. Remember we are grateful for you even when we don't tell you like we should.

  10. What blessings for you Noreen. Glad you are moving forward in your healing.

  11. Prayers to you! I had surgery last fall and I am just now feeling like myself. It is amazing how God designed our bodies to heal. Hugs!

  12. MOM and I are so happy you are getting better. We just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we truly think you are BEAUTIFUL.

  13. May your March be one of continued strength and rest. All the best,

  14. We're so thankful that Goose and Michelle wanted to share our See Beautiful goodies with you. Thanks for sharing them with your blogger friends here. We'd love to share the See Beautiful picture with our social media friends if that's okay with you!


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