Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Happy Tuesday to you. Last Saturday afternoon, hubby and I ventured up to the high places-better known as Estes Park. We hadn't seen any wildlife either this spring or summer til then. We came around a bend in the road and a group of folks were looking in the garden of a local hotel; it was then we spotted him. We've seen a lot of Elk, but this boy had the largest rack of antlers we've ever seen. Somehow though, it doesn't look as big as they did in person, he doesn't look that big either. Thankfully we had our camera and got some photos. Hope you enjoy.

This photo was taken from the parking lot and we couldn't believe one gal from the hotel had her cell phone out and was standing way too close to him.  He kept eying her and I kept thinking she best back up; she finally did as he started to move.  I have a healthy respect for these majestic animals and how quickly they can move.   Seeing him made me think of the beauty of our mountains and wildlife; I also wondered if my blogging friend KB, who lives in the mountains south of the park, would recognize him.
He was tagged, which was a good thing.
We are back to warm weather this week and I have found out that our mosquitoes are out, last night got several bites.  I hope you have a great day today.
Joy to you!


  1. What a thrill to see such a magnificent creature! He's a very handsome elk indeed.

  2. WOW I think he looks BIG and so beautiful!!!! Great pictures!!! Thank you Noreen for your prayers for Tom!!! I am very worried about him!!! He has been taking care of his sister who can no longer walk at all. Her hubby has had 3 strokes and he can not do much. Tom gos up to Ga 3 times a week and I go with him once a week but it is not enough. Tom is working himself to death!!! Now we think he might have another hernia!!

  3. I love these photos and seeing those beautiful creatures in real life. While living near Yellowstone for 7 months in 1997 we had the pleasure of seeing elk nearly everyday. I never grow weary of seeing God's creations, no matter where or when! Have a wonderful rest of your week. Blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh soo beautiful photos of the elk! They are majestic!
    KB is our friend too--- maybe she knows that elk!

  5. Wow he is majestic indeed. We have some deer parks here but because the deer can be tricky and there are way too many ticks we don't bother. We too are getting hot weather again after a wee cool spell which was welcomed. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow, awesome creature. What a sight to behold he must have been.

  7. Beautiful! I have respect too and I don't understand why people get so close.

  8. So beautiful! We love visiting Estes Park and we once were chased by a bull elk. Now that was scary. By the grace of God, he stopped. You are right, one must have a healthy respect for wildlife.


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