Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Monday to you and happy August as well. I feel like saying "where did July go?", but I know the answer to that one. I am happy to say the moving is all done; well almost, but there is still a small pile of decorations in my basement that my girl needs to get.

We had one moving truck and three trailers(although there were only three trailers,we used them twice-so six trailer loads) for the move; we packed up everything on Wednesday of last week and then on Thursday unloaded it at the new house. Friday was spent helping our girl unpack while hubby helped sil put together beds. If we never have to move another moving box, it won't be too soon. My girls are amazing in how quickly they can get their houses back in order. I know there is still a lot to do, but the house is already feeling like their home. So on Saturday, hubby and I had a lazy day-we were both still so wiped. Yesterday, we ran down to Denver on an errand, had lunch in Northglen and then stopped by our girl's new nest. Last night, hubby and I were watching t.v. when our girl calls and says they have a Great Horned Owl in the field behind their home. They got out their binoculars to get a good look at it and were so excited. Of course, it does mean being more aware of its presence, due to their small dog. I'm taking our Spotting Scope over today for them, in case it is nesting in the tree nearby. I am also hoping I'll get a glimpse of it.
Photo not mine
This morning Hunter and I will go on a walk shortly and then hubby and I have more errands to run.  I'll be at our girls this afternoon to help, if not before.  I am so thankful that we can enter into August with a relaxed state of mind and nothing too much on the agenda. 
I hope your weekend was relaxing and not too crazy.


  1. Good morning Noreen. I am so glad you are nearly unpacked, and settled. Also that you have your daughter moved too. Phew!
    Time to relax and enjoy....and nest...nest...nest!!!
    That owl is so cool. We have them here too, and I love to hear them at night!
    xo Kris

  2. Good morning! Nothing like a move is there?! But always such a good feeling to get it behind you and settle in to your new feel. Soo happy for you daughter, and for wonderful to have both of your girls and their families soo close. Doesn't get a whole lot better. Now rest up a bit, it sounds like it is time for the fun part...decorating! Have a good week!

  3. How good the grueling work of the move is over, and I like that owl.

  4. Youv've been busy. What a great picture. Hugs

  5. So glad to hear the move went well. Every time I move (and I have not moved that much), I always say, if I do that again, it will be too soon!

  6. Glad you both got some me time and things are now mostly done. Wow an owl. We had a falcon once in our garden. Lord knows were it came from. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Me and Stanley have a lot going on this week but can't say anything about it for a few days. Glad thing slowed down a bit for you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I think I would be very nervous if we had an owl living in the yard! My brother has one that lives in his...although he does not have a dog. It is kind of cool looking though! You sure have been busy...hope you find some time to relax. Hugs to both you and Hunter!

  9. I hear you on the vow to never move another moving box! It's been 6 years since we moved, and I still feel that way! ;-)

    Hope you can relax a little in August (and maybe even quilt a little).


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