Monday, May 8, 2017

Music Recital

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a great weekend, ours was filled with fun. On Saturday, four of our granddaughters had a music recital.
From left to right-front row in bright green dress Miss A debuting at her first piano recital.  She enjoyed it and did such a good job.  Behind her in a pastel dress with braids up, like her nana used to wear, is our Peanut.  She plays violin and we have been told she's gifted; what is funny is that she wasn't nervous at all about performing.  The Recital was held at an assisted living home and there were a good number of seniors watching and enjoying the music.  Back row-their teacher on the left and then Miss S with the striped shirt.  This was her first recital as well.  Next to to her is Miss F; both girls played three songs together-their last was The Entertainer.  They did incredibly well.  The little girl in the front is a family friend who just started taking lessons this year.
After the recital we met later for dinner  and so there were 18 of us-again such fun.
Yesterday, we took Sil's parents out to lunch  as a welcome to Colorado. We wanted to share some of our favorite places with them and tell them what we do for fun.
Today I'm walking with my neighbor gals and then will be sewing all day~I have a quilt meeting Friday and am hoping to have my table runner finished to share, but we'll see because that means a lot of quilting this week. I was going to do it by machine but think I'll just do it by hand.
Our spring weather has ascended on us-thunder storms in the afternoon, possible hail etc.
Joy to you today!

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  1. Hi Noreen! What fun to see your grandchildren here, and how talented they are too! How cute that one of them likes the same hairstyle that you favored as a child. Love that!
    Happy sewing today, after your walk. I hope to get out walking myself today, at least the sun is out!


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