Monday, April 4, 2016

Where In The World

Hello, I keep wanting to greet you all in a certain way..but then catch myself. LOL. So here are some more hints for you, remember you need to be very specific with your answers.

I can tell you I spent the day with a good friend and went several places I hadn't been to before-such fun, new adventures. I wish I was in better physical shape and had more time to spend with her. I'll be posting a photo of her on Facebook and one here tomorrow. Here's one other clue-we have a problem in our condo, that hopefully just got fixed, with "ghost ants". Never heard of them referred to as such before, but they are minuscule and an annoyance for sure. It rained part of the day and tomorrow is supposed to rain as well; wonder what type of mischief I will get into.
We met my favorite cousin and her hubby last night for a short visit.  I hadn't seen her in about 7 yrs and it was wonderful.  We are hoping to see them again before we all leave.  What a small world!
Joy to you!


  1. I know you are in Hawaii visiting with your friend Val, but no other details :) Hope you are having a super fun time!!

  2. Love the pics. Hope you have an amazing week lady!!

  3. Mom loves that place Kauai?
    Lily & Edward


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